Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Good Breeding

HesterPrynne is a lady of high birth, the result of centuries of the most careful, purposeful reproduction (you have to read from the bottom up to get the comments in chronological order, because the PD's commenting system is terrible):

Hester, you see, is white, and therefore not the product of "free range breeding," a term she finds offensive, yet accurate and appropriate for use on the internet. This makes her different from the "segment of society" she works "among." These animals don't have families like Hester does. And that, of course, is the root of all their problems.

Hester tells us that it was the dissolving of the family unit that "brought about" violent behavior. And she doesn't mean any of this bullshit these "people" like to refer to as their families either, no way: the only way to have a family is for there to be a dad there. Duh. Aunties? NOT FAMILY. Cousins? NOT RELATED TO YOU. Grandma? INSUFFICIENT TO CURB YOUR NATURALLY VIOLENT TENDENCIES. Single mom? GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE. It's not up to you to define your family. It's up to Hester and her patriarchal, white values, to do so, and she's not buying this wildebeest-style humping going on on the North Side as anything that could ever produce a family.*

And Hester has evidence! That's right, she can "substantiate [her] contention" by pointing to good black families. Ones where no one beats people up! Ones where the children still live in the same house as the testicles whence they sprang! Ones not "inbred" because of "fornication!"** This, of course, is Hester's "Get Out of Being Called a Racist Free" card, because, hey, I like some black people! I don't hate all of them, just the ones that are the exceptions to the rule I just made up about black people! She certainly can't have included it because she honestly believes that it goes remotely toward proving whatever asinine point she's trying make.

As I told Hester later in the thread (yes, I've tentatively begun commenting on stltoday, because stirring up shit is fun sometimes), I feel really sorry for the people she works "among." Whatever she is doing on the North Side, she should stop, since I'm confident that those people will be better off without some privileged white girl holding her nose and thinking the whole time about how they are "on the Federal dole" and are having their illegitimate lives subsidized as a form of slavery. Whatever she's doing, she'll probably be more comfortable doing it in St. Charles.

*Jeepers creepers. Does anyone else find someone with the handle "HesterPrynne" denouncing "fornication without consequence" to be just too much?

**C'mon now, Hester. Fornication - i.e. gettin' around - doesn't result in inbreeding! If anything, that spreads the genes around. Royal families and arranged marriages result in inbreeding!

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  1. I cannot believe I stumbled across this. I am CTE76 on the old STL today message boards. Hester Prynne is, without a doubt, one of the most racist people to post and through her/his justifications of "helping" (DEAR GOD, HELP US ALL) "the blacks", her disgusting stereotypical generalization pretty much made me want to vomit OFTEN.