Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Code Words

Update: That's enough, trolls. Comments closed. See here for some rules if you feel like commenting elsewhere.

Finals and paper are behind me. I've moved to St. Louis and started work. Here's hoping blogging picks up.

Albert H. Nobles, an 18 year-old resident of north St. Louis County, was shot and killed near Fountain Park early Tuesday. Why is he dead? The proximate cause was two bullet wounds, but really no one knows for sure. No one, that is, except for jim63129:


Jim knows that walking in neighborhoods where black people live at times when he is not personally out and about is tantamount to signing your own death warrant.

But Jim's heartless assessment of the situation is not, by a long shot, the worst thing a racist had to say in the comment thread accompanying the sad article linked above.

sue_nokomis gets the Worst Person... In the Thread! Award for her racist drivel, currently the final comment in this traveshamockery of a thread inspired by the death of a child:


Never mind that her statistic, like 43.6% of all of statistics, is made up on the spot. Never mind that it is wildly inaccurate (something like 10% of young black men are in jail, a statistic that is frightening and awful, but not for the reasons Sue would say it is). What is outrageous and racist about her comment is that she uses the fact that 40% of black men are in jail as evidence that her racism is justified. Whatever outrageous percentage of young black men are in jail, they are there because of our society's authoritarian streak and its institutional racism. So Sue is using what sane people would recognize as evidence of racism to justify racism. Racists love circular reasoning.

Sue wins the thread. But what I would really like to do with this sad situation is to demonstrate that racist white folks have come up with a new word for "nigger." Obviously that word is not used in polite company, and I'm willing to bet the mods at delete any comments that contain it. So racists have to use a code, one that's broken so easily that even racists can figure it out. I'm sure there are plenty of words that substitute for the n-word in polite conversation among whites, but the one I want to focus on today is "thug." "Thug" pops up a lot in threads discussing black people who have committed crimes, black people who have been victims of crimes, or, really, any crime committed in a neighborhood perceived to be black.

Let's examine its use in this thread.

Conveniently, it pops up in the very first comment, from The Ark:


Go ahead and just throw a "nigger" in there in place of "thug." The meaning of the post hasn't changed at all. We broke your code, The Ark!

The word pops up again a little ways down, in a mostly unintelligible and completely insane post form ChinacatSunflower:


Who knows what on earth CS is getting at, but swapping the words in this one seems to change her tone. So chalk one use of "thug" up in the racially neutral category.

It doesn't really stay there for long, thanks to NotFromHere:


This comment in mostly incoherent, but "niggers don't spend enough time at a target range to be accurate" sure has a nice ring to it, and I think it's pretty much identical to the point NFH is trying to make. It at least sounds like the punchline of a joke at a Klan rally.

DLstl can't use the n-word while pretending to praise MLK, so goes with the t-word instead:


It really is sad that black people have only used the civil rights movement to enable themselves to act like a bunch of niggers.

RedRonin is participating in a debate about guns, which pop up in response to these "black kid gets shot" stories about as often as the racists do, which is to say every time:


I'll give his use of "thug" the benefit of the doubt and a score of racially neutral.

kedgman gives us a quote straight out Alabama in 1962:


"Some nigger gets cocky..." Goodness gracious. This guy is a one-man lynch mob. Which isn't to say that he doesn't have friends - he probably does, and that makes him even more scary.

Saving the best for last, chad_rn's comment, the last one (so far) to use "thug," takes the racist code word cake, and, honestly, gives sue_nokomis a run for her money:


So simple. So ineloquent. So obviously wishing he could say "nigger."

I wonder if there is a racist MSWord macro for making this type of substitution easy and automatic...


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  2. You sir, are an idiot of the first water. The statistics you dismiss are actually true and they can be proven. You are typical of those who can't see the forest for the tree's. I call them "thugs" because thats what they are. And if you want to defend them it's fine with me. If you love blacks so much and think they do no wrong I suggest to go to Compton,Detroit or Trenton NJ and walk around at night. You will find that your love for all things negro is not shared by those you embrace. Maybe we can take up a collection and buy some TV time so you can get on there and praise these black savages and maybe even just knell down and kiss some black ass.....After he steals your wallet..

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  4. St. Louis is full of...

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  5. Racism doesn't exist. It is a an excuse to blame someone else for there own failures. It feels better to pass the blame to someone then looking in the mirror. Is it racist to know that 1/3 aduly blacks are in jail or dead. Is it racist to know that blacks score lower on math and reading tests then any other race. Math is a uniform language that blacks have not picked up. Is it racist that the governmetn has lowered the IQ for mentally disabled in he 60's. Why did they do that? Answer because more then 1/2 of blacks were getting below the retarded level.

  6. About 2,500 black people were lynched by white racists in the entire history of the USA.

    Approximately 8,000 black people are murdered in the USA every year, according to the US Department of Justice.

    At least 94% of the murderers of those black victims are also black, also according to the US Department of Justice.

    94% of 8000 = 7520


    To put it in another perspective, consider the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

    According to, there have been about 4680 total Coalition forces fatalities in Iraq and about 1517 total Coalition forces fatalities in Afghanistan. This number includes all USA-allied forces fatalities.

    4680 (TOTAL Coalition fatalities in Iraq for the entire 7 years of war) + 1517 (TOTAL Coalition fatalities in Afghanistan in the entire 9 years war) = 6179


    7520 (approximate number of blacks killed by blacks every single year in the USA) - [minus] 6179 (TOTAL number of Coalition fatalities in the entire nine years of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars combined) = 1,341.

    Thus it is now shown that at least 1,341 more blacks are killed by other blacks in the United States EVERY SINGLE YEAR than the entire number of Coalition fatalities in both the Afghanistan and Iraq wars combined (a period of nine years).

    Put another way, in the nine years of the Afghanistan and Iraq war combined, about 6179 Coalition fatalities have occurred (this number includes accidents).

    In that same nine year period, in the USA alone, approximately 67,680 black people were murdered by other black people (9 x 7520 = 67,680).

    That is over TEN TIMES the amount of Coalition soldiers killed in both the Afghanistan and Iraq wars combined.

    I have not even included non-black victims of blacks murderers. The numbers here represent only black people killed by other black people in the USA over the 9 years of war.

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  8. Today in 2010, blacks make up about 26.6% of New York City, but they commit at least 61% of the homicides there, and (in an amazing coincidence) also make up about 61% of the victims there, according to this New York Times interactive homicide map:

    Whites make up about 35% of the population of NYC, but committed only about 7 percent of the homicides.

    According the US Department of Justice, blacks make up only 13% of the USA but commit at least 52% of all murders and at least 34% of all rapes.

    In the liberal paradise of Seattle, for example, blacks make up only 8% of the city, (Seattle is 70% white) but blacks committed 14 of the 28 murders there in 2008 and 12 of the 21 murders there in 2009.

    Seattle is one of the most progressive-liberal cities in the country, the whites send their kids to "white privilege seminars", they renamed King County after Martin Luther King and painted MLK's image in hagiographic murals all over the courthouse, they throw tons of money at blacks for their special needs in school, including going so far as to have a an "Afrocentric" public school, the "African American Academy" a public school that recently closed because it was the worst-rated school in Seattle. The blacks are constantly getting into violent and sometimes fatal fights AT their social services offices and community centers. Blacks make up a tiny percentage of Seattle, they have money thrown at them by the government and a big population of white liberals fawning all over them, and yet SOMEHOW BLACKS STILL MANAGE TO COMMIT FULLY HALF OF ALL THE MURDERS IN SEATTLE EVERY YEAR.

  9. tiredofkneejerkliberalsAugust 30, 2010 at 2:26 PM

    US white population c.2008 = about 228 million

    US black population c.2008 = about 37 million

    # of US whites arrested, 2008: 7,382,063 (

    # US blacks arrested, 2008: 3,015,905 (

    7.4/228 = .03 = 3% of US whites arrested in 2008
    (3 in 100).

    3/37 = .08 = 8% of US blacks arrested in 2008 (almost 1 in 10).

    Blacks are 2.7 times more likely to be arrested than whites.

    Before you even reply, show me the statistics on the number of false arrests based on race ("racial profiling") or I will assume the majority of arrests are valid, not falsely based on race (the result of "racial profiling").

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  11. I love how people will then spin the negro's behaviour to be linked with poverty, go look at the west during the great depression and give me a list of all the thug drug gangs that roamed around killing each other?

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